How far creativity could break down the walls of limitations? The answer is as far as the artist tend to reach by the other side. A piece of art could be an exotic frame, a stunning painting or a wonderful pumpkin pie.  The reflection of the artist’s mindset is the key which could alter the surface of the reality. Each artistic point of view is the symbol of the creator’s experience as a human being. In my opinion, the incredible feature of the art is the joy of possibilities that each artist might find in the regular stuff.

I’ve started making collages as a personal hobby which leads me to connect my mind and body peacefully to release the tension of responsibilities as a filmmaker. My inner child got excited about the chance I was providing myself to enjoy creation despite the result. Art for the sake of art. In contrast of my position as a director, I wasn’t supposed to respond the endless questions of cast and crew at the set. This  solitude lead me to catch the joy of living in the moment while I was playing delightfully in the silence. As a solo artsy activity, surrounding myself with papers, colors, old magazines and even flyers was an absolute blessing. Cutting, pasting, replacing . The amazing game of creation in silence with the brilliant dance of scissor over  papers.