Like an endless waltz under the moon or maybe a warm kiss which is not sweet anymore because of the tears that shed the warmth of the sweetness of the kiss. What makes these moments memorable? The touch? The glance? It’s none of these. It’s the magical trick of being trapped in the moment. Like the very first moment you might inhale the cruel smoke to your lungs which is not awaking you’re dreams. That’s what makes photography an incredible art. The one and only which can capture the moment the way it is.

Those pictures are all taken with an Analog Canon FTB which was 15 years old at the time and given to me by my Uncle at the same age. I knew the main rule of being a conservative and bold photographer is to keep reminding yourself there would be just one second, one shot, one press at the bottom to trap all the lights, lines and figures in their best appearance in a frame. I’ve learned from being an amateur photographer with this camera, which the exposure meter did not work, and it was not cheap to buy negatives as well. These two factors lead me through finding a new path towards experiencing photography.

I’ve became an expert in observing, finding the best angle, and waiting a few seconds for the rays to show off their glorious dance which reframes repeatedly to close the final picture. That’s the joy of patience in photography which was gained through discovering the world from the view finder of an ancient camera.