The reflection of sexual issues such as virginity, abortion and sex reassignment surgery in lives of three women who are spending an afternoon in a beauty salon in Tehran, Iran.


Pegah is getting ready for her wedding ceremony. Her fiancé calls and ask her to do a virginity test before the ceremony, otherwise the wedding is off. Shahla, the hairstylist assistant, is pregnant. She is doubtful whether she should inform the father of the child or not. She is worried what his reaction might be: She is worried what his reaction might be: marry her permanently or decide not to extend their temporary marriage.  Hayedeh the hairstylist gets a surprise visit from her ex-husband who was a transgender and had a male-to-female gender reassignment surgery. He/She is leaving the country tonight and is here to say goodbye


Category: Fiction

Director: Shahrzad Dadgar

Producers: Saeid Honaramooz Nima Dabirzade

Executive Producer: Hilaj Film Productions

24 February 2017: completion Date

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

Cast: Roya Nownahali, Nasim Adabi, Behnaz Jafari,  Sanaz Mesbah, Rabe’e Madani, Shafagh Shokri

Screen play: Shahrzad Dadgar, Pantea Hosseyni, Director of Photography: Vahid Ebrahimi Edit & color correction: Nima Dabirzade, Sound Mix: Alireza Alavian, Sound: Vahid Razavian, Production Designer: Mahshid Javadi, Make up: Paria Roshan, Composer: Moein.R.Rad, Graphics: Hamidreza Ahmadi


71st Short Film Corner de Cannes (France)

42nd Atlanta Film Festival (U.S)

23rd San Gio Verona Video Festival luglio(Italy)

16th Global Peace Film Festival (U.S)

15th Tallgrass International Film Festival (U.S)

5th Rahway International Film Festival (U.S)

5th San Mauro Film Festival(Italy)

4th Los Angeles Cine Fest (U.S)

3rd Hilaj Film & Theatre Festival(Iran)

3rd Festigious Film Festival (U.S)

2nd Girls Don’t Cry (U.S)

1st Dumbo Film Festival (U.S)


Persian Film Festival Paris, France

Delft University, Netherlands

Tehran University, Iran

Penn State University, United States

The Valley Film Festival, United States

Minemalean Short Film Festival, Norway