“500 Ounces of Gold”



A religious woman who has to made a deeply profound decision about abortion.


A Persian poor couple, Amir and Sima are expecting to have a baby. Based on the medical test results, the fetus might have Down’s syndrome. They decide on an abortion, but privately Sima is against this decision. In addition, because of the law, the couple must pay 500 ounces of gold.

500 Ounces of Gold – INFO SHEET

Category: Fiction

Director: Shahrzad Dadgar

Producers: Saeid Honaramooz

Executive Producer: Hilaj Film Productions

17 May 2015: completion Date

Language: Persian

Subtitle: English

Cast: Elham Korda, Morteza Esmaeil Kashi, Rabe’e Madani, Siamak Safari, Bahar Riahi

Screen play: Shahrzad Dadgar, Director of Photography: Moein Reza Motallebi Edit: Sepide Abdolvahab, Sound Mix: Alireza Alavian, Sound: Vahid Razavian, Production Designer: Nazanin Khazaei, Make up: Mohammad Ali Zarrabi, Composer: Bamdad afshar, Graphics: Rojan Iraji


68th Short Film Corner Cannes (France)

32nd Tehran Short Film Festival (Iran)

22nd Etiuda & Anima (Poland)

17th Yari (Sweden)

6th Cafoscari (Italy)

5th ASff AS Film Festival (Italy)

5th Persian Film Festival (Australia)

4th Cervignano Film Festival (Italy)

4th Black Bird Film Festival (U.S)

4th Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (Australia)

4th Ozark Shorts (U.S)

3rd Original Narratives (Dubai)

2nd Wiper Film Festival (U.A.E)

2nd Doc Sun Back Film Festival (U.S)

2nd International Open Film Festival (U.S)

2nd Girls Don’t Cry (U.S)

1st Voices (Bahrain)

17th Khane Cinema (Iran)

12th Picture of the Year (Iran)

10th Razavi Film Festival (Iran)

5th Urban Film Festival (Iran)

5th Hassanat Film Festival (Iran)

2nd Hilaj Film & Theatre Festival (Iran)

1st Mother Picture & Film Festival (Iran)


Penn State University, United States

Cancorodia University, Canada

Foundation of Lisbon, Portrogal

Art & Architecture University, Iran

Avini Art Institute, Iran

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