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Producing a road trip movie in ROAD I-95 Buckle up!


A peace campaign running by a biker and social media influencer goes horribly wrong when they arrive in Florida.


Symon a retired professional cyclist is offered a large deal of money to cycle for a peace campaign in all 50 states of U.S. He pairs up with Mia, a young female social media influencer to attract a larger audience and gain more followers on the way.

Info Sheet

Category: Fiction

Director: Shahrzad Dadgar

Co-Producers: Jamie Zimlich

Executive Producer: Hilaj Film Productions

Language: English

Cast: Houston Brown, Yasi Rezaei

Screen Play: Shahrzad Dadgar

Edit & Color Correction: Sepide Abdolvahab, Sound Mix: Alireza Alavian, Production Designer: Sadra Tehrani Custome Design: Mahshid Javadi, Composer: Arman Fallah, Graphics: Hamidreza Ahmadi